07 Dec 2018

Aerial video production company in Sydney with tips to make the most out of golden hour

Here at Airborne Studio, our experts in drone videography explain that we, like any other photographer simply love to take shots in the "Golden Hour'.

But exactly what is golden hour?

Golden Hour refers to the period just after sunrise or just before sunset, and its length depends on where you are, what time of year it is, and the weather conditions. Regardless of season or location, it’s a special time for photography.

Below our experts in aerial photography in Sydney share a few tips to help you maximise your golden hour experience with your drone:

1) Fly Lower:
Flying high can work for some images, but staying low can often be more effective and really demonstrate the power of a drone vs a full-scale helicopter. Planning your shot and treating the drone like a production tool can be much more powerful than simply flying until you’re out of battery.

2) Find Layers:
Using foreground elements to your advantage can significantly increase the impact of your imagery. Look for trees and other foreground elements that you can use as layers in your images. As the sun rises or sets, they will often become striking silhouettes. 

3) Watch the Shadows:
Watch that drone shadow! If shooting to the side of the sun, you are likely to see the drone shadow. Generally, it's best to avoid shooting from this angle.

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