08 Oct 2018

Experts in aerial filming in Sydney explain why drones are beneficial for sporting events

Drone technology is changing the way sport is covered, with audience experience taken to new heights…literally!


Drones are the perfect action cameras, filming and defying physical limitations. Because they can film almost anywhere, drones can capture any sporting activity or event, from following a running race to filming surfers and rock climbers in action.


Drones can mimic movement, following the action handsfree. Drone videography conveys more than just visuals, their capabilities allow the audience to feel the action. Handheld cameras or video cameras simply can’t keep up, and most professional camera rigs can’t quite communicate sporting spontaneity.


Drone filming isn’t just for the spectator however. Coaches of football teams, for instance, are coming to realise the benefits of drone videography. Using drones in practice allows them to get a birds-eye view of the team in action with the aim of improve training strategy and techniques.


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