19 Oct 2018

Drone specialists in Sydney explain the advantages of using drones for aerial filming

Our drone specialists in Sydney know people are preferring the better viewer video experience that can only be provided by filming from above.

Here our drone production company in Sydney explain that there are many advantages that drone filming can offer to advertising or marketing campaigns, sporting events, movies or even music videos.

Filming from the air offers a wider reach, giving you breathtaking views and a vantage point like no other. A ground camera is limited when it comes to capturing those spectacular shots. For example, filming on lakes, rivers and on sea is very difficult, if not, near impossible when shooting with ground-based equipment. If you are filming on the water, you need to hire a boat and driver. Drones can simply hover over the water with ease and capture all the beautiful images required for any project.

Sure, aerial videography has been around for many years, but back in the day, film makers used helicopters or planes to capture the videos to capture shots from above. Filming with helicopters and planes was extremely expensive, taking much more man power overall to come up with the results that can be achieved by experienced drone operator today.

Drones can capture imagery in places that other cameras cannot. Because there is such a variety of drones and drone sizes available, there is almost nothing that a drone, operated by the best drone videographer in Sydney can’t do!

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