17 Oct 2018

Drone video production company in Sydney explain the current Australian laws in relation to flying a recreational drone.

Here at Airborne, the drones operated by our experts in aerial filming in Sydney are classified as “Commercial Drones”. Registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), our pilots hold current UAV drone operator's certificates.

When it comes to “Recreational Drones”, those which weigh 2kg or less, there are a number of restrictions in place to protect the public at large. Our experts in professional drone videography in Sydney explain that these drones cannot fly:

- over groups of people, including beaches, parks, sports ovals and public events
- higher than 400 feet (120m) in all airspace
- closer than 30m during take-off, flight or landing to anyone not involved in flying the drone
- closer than 5.5km to controlled aerodromes if your drone weighs more than 100g
in bad weather, into a cloud or at night
- in the area of a public safety or emergency operation, for example a bush fire, police, or search and rescue operation
- within 5.5 kilometres of a non-controlled aerodrome, if there is a manned aircraft operating to, or from the aerodrome.

Our professionals in drone videography in Sydney explain, if you are a non-commercial drone flyer, it’s a good idea to keep up with latest Australian regulations. Remember different rules apply for larger models and drones used for commercial purposes.

Check out DRONEFLYER, which is a great resource for recreational drone operators. There is even an app, so you can double-check regulations on-the-go!

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