10 Sep 2018

Experts in aerial filming in Sydney explain the various applications of drone videography

Over the past few years, drones have peaked in popularity, with people using drones of all kinds and sizes to capture incredible aerial video content for a variety of audiences.

Our experts in corporate video production in Sydney explain that there are many areas, other than TV and film production that can truly benefit from the use of drones.

Here our drone video production company share just a few of the sectors:

Real Estate: Aerial videography and photography can truly capture the size and layout of a property, allowing buyers to see the entire property, it’s features and true location.

Property Development: Drone videography and photography are beneficial, even from the planning stages, making it simpler to map out plans. They can capture the progress of construction as well as being used for property marketing purposes.

Event Coverage: Drones provide the perfect opportunity to showcase sporting events, festivals and concerts. They are able to capture a true birds eye view to bring the experience to life and benefit sponsors.

Tourism: With drone videography, resorts and hotels can offer unprecedented tours, all while highlighting the location & facilities. Aerial videography can capture breathtaking scenery, activities, tourist attractions and landscapes like no other form of ground videography or photography.

To find out more about all the ways our experienced drone videographers in Sydney can capture the beauty and scale of your project, contact the friendly team at Airborne Studio today.