17 Sep 2018

Experts in aerial filming in Sydney explain why drones are so versatile across all videography and photography applications

Our corporate videographers in Sydney explain that drones have a multitude of benefits when it comes to capturing truly unique visuals that give the audience a totally new perspective.

Here our drone video production company share just some of the reasons why drones themselves are so versatile:

·      A compact size allows drones to capture interesting video angles that were not possible with the use of a manned aircraft.

·      Their powerful nature allows them to fly up to a few hundred feet in the air and everywhere in between.

·      Drones can fly low to the ground too. They can fly around a room, out through a window to give a completely unique shot to aerial filmmakers everywhere.

·      Their movement capabilities allow them to hover in place and route in that spot, move left, right, up and down, all at the command of the pilot.

·      Drones are fully autonomous to the pilot and are able to provide the perfect camera position for the perfect shot.

To find out more about all the ways our experienced drone videographers in Sydney can capture the beauty and scale of your project, contact the friendly team at Airborne Studio today.